October 2017 Presbytidings


Presbytidings – October 2017

The Newsletter of First Presbyterian Church

216 West Third Street, Wayne, Nebraska 68787

(402) 375-2669 + www.fpcwayne.org

Our chief end is to glorify and enjoy God forever.”


From the Pastor….

Protests of various types are a regular feature in the news these days.  Protest has long been used to heighten awareness or bring attention to an injustice or abuse of power. Standing, sitting, kneeling or walking arm in arm can be forms of protest, as well as written, spoken or sung words.

The history of our country includes people who have protested by sitting down on a bus, sitting at a lunch counter or walking across a bridge, boycotting a business or industry as well as various types of political action.  The recent release of the PBS special on the Vietnam War brings to mind the many and varied forms of protest that happened during the duration of that war and how many of those protests were violent and raucous. Protest however doesn’t always have to be violent,  in August clergy from a variety of faith traditions quietly walked the streets of Charlotte arm in arm to protest the rhetoric and violence of protests that were happening in that city.

Even if we don’t always agree with the position of a protest, in our country our right to express our opinion peacefully and within the law is protected. That type of protection is not available to citizens in all countries, for example in Saudi Arabia women have been protesting Sharia law which bans them from driving.  Since 1990 many women have been jailed for driving a car, but quietly and regularly the women continued to do so. Their sustained protest against this religious law has made a difference as a change was recently announced which will allow women to drive, the change becomes effective in 2018.  This victory gives women hope that other aspects of the religious law will change allowing them more freedom.

Many leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi through words and actions pushed for change and reform they primarily advocated through non-violent forms of protest.  Protest has changed the world.  Examples include civil rights reforms in this country and the elimination of apartheid in South Africa.  Protest can happen in a variety of ways and places; on college campuses, in the streets, on athletic fields and even in churches.

This year churches in the reformed tradition, Presbyterians and Evangelical Lutherans for example, celebrate the 500th anniversary of a protest launched by the nailing of 95 theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany.  The beginning of the reformation movement is often credited to Martin Luther, a theology professor; however, he wasn’t the first to decry the religious practices and rituals and the power of the pope in the Catholic Church.  John Wycliffe and John Huss, forerunners of Luther, also recognized the abuses in the church.

Luther had come to the end of his proverbial rope, he couldn’t get church authorities to listen to regarding abuses he and others saw in the church, especially the sale of indulgences. Indulgences were sold to congregates as a way that deceased relatives could be released from the penalty of sin.  A famous slogan associated with the sale of indulgences was “When a coin in the coffer rings, a soul from Purgatory springs.”  Luther said the sale of indulgences preyed on the ignorance of poverty-stricken and superstitious Germans, he also believed that indulgences were unbiblical.  In addition he saw the practice of using funds from the sale of indulgences to fund the building of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome as morally wrong.

On October 31, 1517 Luther nailed his 95 theses dealing with the abuse and sale of indulgences on the door of the Castle church.  In this manner Luther issued a call to public discussion, a debate about indulgences.   Luther spoke out against the church at great personal cost, soon after posting his 95 theses his words were published and distributed.  The reformation was underway and Luther was perceived as a threat to the Pope and the church.  He was brought before religious authorities and asked to recant his statements but Luther refused, saying he could not betray the Scriptures or his conscience; as a result he was excommunicated from the Catholic Church.

The German King tried to take steps to prohibit Luther’s teaching and end the reforms he was advocating in the Catholic Church.  A small group went against the king to back Luther, their “Protestation” was formal support of Luther’s reform efforts.  Those who supported Luther made their public witness to support the expression of their faith which had claimed their consciences.  Their protest was their witness to their faith and thus they were called “Protestants.”  The name came to be applied to those who followed the path of reform away from the Catholic Church.

Like Jesus, Luther wasn’t really trying to start a new church but he followed in the footsteps of others who sought change in the church.  Luther’s actions are an example of one who spoke against injustice and abuse.

Our heritage as Presbyterians includes protest, it is a part of what defines us.  As Presbyterians and Christians we are called to step up and speak out when we see injustice, abuses of power and privilege; however we are also called to listen.   The church of Luther’s day was so concerned about being right, maintaining their power and prestige they failed to listen and understand Luther’s concerns or those of his predecessors.  Too often we believe we know what is right; however, are we really just trying to maintain the status quo, to protect our own interests?   Consider the possibility that through the protest of others God is trying to open our hearts and minds to a new understanding.   We honor each other by listening well and asking questions, we learn by listening to all the voices even if the conversation does not change our position.

Luther saw abuses in the church, the tools of his protest were his 95 theses, a hammer and nails.  The reformed tradition stands blessed because of Luther’s willingness to protest, to speak to power and endure the consequences.  Luther’s actions and subsequent actions have had enormous influence over the last five centuries politically, socially, economically and culturally.  Luther’s Five Solas, born out of the reforms he sought are a lasting and significant synopsis of the reformation movement.   The Latin term sola means “alone.”  The Solas are: Sola gratia, “By grace alone,” Sola fide, “By faith alone,” Solos Christus, “Christ alone,” Sola scriptura, “Scripture alone,” Soli Deo Gloria, “To God alone (be) Glory.”   These core affirmations are held by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and other churches in the reformed tradition.

Sunday, October 29th we will celebrate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s action which started the reformation movement.  As we remember we will give thanks not only for Luther’s courage but for the other reformers who followed him, including our Presbyterian forefathers John Calvin and John Knox.  We will worship and give thanks to God for those who established this house of worship in Wayne, for all who have worshiped here and our many faithful members.  You are encouraged to invite former members family and friends to join us for worship on the 29th as we praise God and celebrate our heritage as Presbyterians.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Teresa 



We will celebrate the Lord’s Supper together on Sunday, October 1. It is World Communion Sunday, a day when we share the Bread of life and the Cup of salvation alongside Christians in all different traditions, around the world.


Pastor Teresa will be giving devotions on 104.9 Big Red Country KTCH the week of October 2nd –6th at 5:40am.


Plan to join us at Our Savior Lutheran Church for the 3rd Annual Pink Flamingo Nite on Thursday, October 5th. Providence Medical Center, PacNSave and the Women of Our Savior have joined forces again this year to bring a fun and informative evening focused on Cancer Awareness. Tickets can be purchased at the church, area banks, Swan’s, Hair Envy and a few other locations around town for just $5 each. Proceeds going directly to the PMC Oncology Department.  


This October our Super Sunday School will take place at Careage Campus of Care, located at 811 E. 14th Street. We will be giving gourds and good wishes to the residents on Sunday, October 8 beginning at 9:00am. Everyone is encouraged to participate. We will return to church for worship. Our thanks to Glenda and Pat McDonald for helping to make this possible. Don’t miss out! 


Monday evening, October 9th First Presbyterian will be serving a meal for Wayne State students on the Wayne State campus. This is an ecumenical outreach project coordinated between area churches and gives FPC an opportunity to interact with Wayne State students. The meal is open to any student on campus, past experience of other churches shows around 70 students attend regularly.

Shari Dunklau will be coordinating this event and the details are listed below. The menu will be chicken noodle soup, chili, cinnamon rolls, relishes and drink. There will be a sign-up sheet in Fellowship Hall, or you may contact Shari directly at her home: 402-375-5368, her cell: 402-369-0134 or email her at shari_k_d@yahoo.com

WSC Student Meal

Monday, 10/9/2017 from 6:00-8:00pm

Location: LuMin House (WSC Lutheran Campus Ministry) 1301 Schreiner Drive, Wayne


Presbyterian Women will meet Wednesday, October 4th at 6:30. We will be starting a new Bible Study – Cloud of Witnesses: The Community of Christ in Hebrews. Karen Johnson will lead Lesson One in the Bible study this month.  Glenda McDonald is hostess.


Sewing Souls next meeting will be Wednesday, October 18th at 6:30. You don’t need to be a pro at sewing.  We need those who can press and cut also.  A new denim rag quilt is under way along with continued work on pillowcases and other quilts and blankets.  Judy Lindberg will be hostess.


Faith Dollars is a project PW started in early 2015.  Dollar bills with a “F” minted on the front are not as common as other letters.  At each meeting members bring “F” or Faith dollars they have found during the month.  Others in the congregation have heard about “Faith Dollars” and are also contributing.  In September we were able to send $90 to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance for hurricane relief.  Since 2015 a total of $490 has been collect and contributed to Haven House, the Backpack Program, Susan G. Komen Walk and now PDA for hurricane relief.  Thanks to everyone who has become a part of this mission. We invite everyone to participate.  An envelope will be in Presbyterian Women’s box in Fellowship Hall, or you can give them to Karen Johnson or Judy Lindberg.



Over the years, Presbyterian Women have coordinated work groups that serve the church during funerals and other church events. It is the ministry of our congregation to take care of family and friends who are celebrating or grieving. If your family has been served in this capacity you know how important and comforting it is to your loved ones at these times.

The women of the church have been reorganized into two work groups; however, men will also be needed from time to time for set up and possible clean up after an event. Help requested may include providing food, setting up tables and chairs, serving at the event or possibly donating money or supplies.

Everyone in this congregation is needed to be a part of this ministry. To assist your work group chairs in planning and preparation, please respond promptly if you can or cannot help. The revised work groups are listed at the end of the newsletter, and will be posted on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.  Thank you – Presbyterian Women


The session has called for a congregational meeting after worship on Sunday, October 15 (11:00am) to receive the 2018 budget and approve the Pastor’s terms of call. All active members are encouraged to participate. There will be a potluck fellowship time afterward.


Our next fellowship potluck will be held Sunday, October 15th following the Congregational Meeting. Please join your church family for a time of fellowship.


On Sunday, October 15th we will be receiving a special offering designated for the Presbyterian Disaster Relief fund to assist with the natural disasters that have been occurring in the south. You may bring a check made out to the First Presbyterian Church, with the memo made out to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.


Pastor Teresa will be leading Careage Chapel Sunday, October 15th at 1:30pm. You are welcome to join her there.


FPC Wayne will host the northern group of clerks of session for their annual records review on Saturday, 10/21, at 1:00pm.


  • Pastor Teresa will be on vacation the week of Tuesday, October 17th – Monday, October 23rd.
  • If you have a pastoral need while Pastor Teresa is away, please contact the office at (402)375-2669 or fpcwayne@gmail.com


The next session meeting will be held on Monday, October 23, at 7:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.


  • The confirmation class will meet Wednesdays in October: 4th, 11th, & 25th at 7:00pm. (Please note: Pastor T will be on vacation the week of October 18th and so class will not meet that day.)
  • The youth group will meet on October: 11th & 25th at 8:00pm in the youth room.


The Session has designated Sunday, October 29th as Heritage Sunday. In addition to worshiping together we will give thanks to God for those who established this house of worship, all who have worshiped here and our faithful members.  You are encouraged to invite former members, family and friends to join us for worship as we praise God and celebrate our heritage as Presbyterians in this place.  A special time of fellowship will follow worship.


A note from the Director…I would like to know who is planning to play with the Presbyterian Pealers this year. New players are welcome, and no experience is necessary. I have put a sign-up sheet in Fellowship Hall. Please either sign up on that sheet, or contact me directly at 402-369-2794. – Jay O’Leary


We are still missing quite a few puzzle pieces. Bring your puzzle piece which you received at church or in the mail with you to church on Sunday. Help us see the big picture- it’s not complete without you!!


The 18th Annual Life Chain, hosted by Wayne Area Right to Life, will be held Sunday, October 1, 2014, from 2:30-3:30 along Main Street and 7th Street in Wayne, Nebraska. Participants will stand to form the shape of a cross, to silently pray and witness for an end to abortion. (If you can’t stand, bring your lawn chair.) Signs may be picked up at the corner of 7th and Main.


If you would like to donate items to the Church’s Rustic Treasure accounts, the numbers are listed below. Just take your item to the store counter, and give them the account number listed below. The proceeds will come back to us:

First Presbyterian Church #1220                Wayne Food Pantry #442


Monday, 10/9/2017   *WSC Student Meal

Sunday, 10/15/2017  *Congregational Meeting and Potluck

Sunday, 10/29/2017  *Heritage Sunday

Sunday, 11/19/2017  *Hanging of the Greens


First Lutheran Church of Sioux City, Iowa is hosting the “Freed and Renewed in Christ-500 Years of God’s Grace in Action” Reformation 500 Commemoration festival worship service on Sunday, October 22 at 4:00pm. There will be organ music, a brass quartet, a festival adult choir and a youth choir. Rostered leaders from area congregation will participate and the preacher will be the Rev. Andrea DeGroot-Nesdahl, Bishop Emerita of the South Dakota Synod/ELCA. A meal will be served following the service. Details are on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.


Daylight Saving Time will end on Sunday, November 5, at 2:00am. Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour, or you’ll have plenty of time for solitary meditation in the sanctuary!

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  • Our community
  • Our schools, teachers & students
  • All who are battling illness (Babs Middleton, Madison Beair, Audrey Harder)
  • All who live in assisted living or care facilities
  • Peace in the Middle East
  • Persecuted Christians in Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and North Korea
  • Those impacted by hurricanes and earthquakes
  • Our confirmation youth and mentors (Madison Urbanec & Shari Dunklau, Braydn McCorkindale & Jim Paige, Taytum Sweetland & Ronda Ras)
  • Our Session Members: Shari Dunklau, Ronda Ras, Misty Beair, Gail McCorkindale, Jay O’Leary, Jim Curtiss, Jim Paige, Kevin Peterson

Lector/Greeter Schedule for October/November 2017

Date Lector Usher Usher Usher
10/1/2017 Judy Lindberg Pat & Glenda McDonald Jim Curtiss
10/8/2017 Jan Liska Ken & Jan Liska Jim & Shari Paige
10/15/2017 Jeryl Nelson The Ras Family
10/22/2017 Glenda McDonald Pat & Glenda McDonald Kevin Peterson
10/29/2017 Karen McElwain Phil & Jean Griess Joann Proett
11/5/2017 Ken Liska The Peitz Family
11/12/2017 Gail McCorkindale The McCorkindale Family
11/19/2017 Milton Owens The Urbanec Family
11/26/2017 Candyce Peitz tba Jim & Shari Paige


October 2017 – First Presbyterian Church

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Each Sunday Morning:

o Worship 10:00

o Fellowship 11:00


World Communion Day



9:30am Wayne Family County Coalition Meeting

7:00pm Scout Den Meeting

3 4

6:30 Presbyterian Women


7:00 Confirmation

5 6 7

9:00am Super Sunday at Careage




FPC serving WSC Campus Meal at LuMin

7:00pm Scout Den Mtg.

10 11

7:00pm Confirmation

8:00pm Youth Group

12 13 14

Special Offering for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

11:00 Congregational Meeting with Potluck

1:30 Careage Chapel


7:00pm Scout Den Meeting


Pastor on vacation


Pastor on vacation

6:30 Sewing Souls


No Confirmation Class


Pastor on vacation



Pastor on vacation



Pastor on vacation

1:00 Annual Records Review


Pastor on vacation



Pastor on vacation

7:00pm Session meets


11:00am Presbyterian Pastors Group (here)


7:00pm Confirmation

8:00pm Youth Group

26 27 28

Heritage Sunday







(Would you like to see your birthday listed here?

Just contact the church office 402-375-2669 or fpcwayne@gmail.com)

5         Dale Johnson

8         John Fuelberth

10        Brook Bowers, Jon Worner

14        Sydney McCorkindale

15        Reggie Yates

15        Pat McDonald

16        Marilyn Yates

18        Ronald Clark

20        Braydn McCorkindale

21        Rob Sweetland

23        Stephanie Racely


Presbyterian Women Work Groups List


Judy Lindberg                         

Karen Johnson

Glenda McDonald 

Stacey Alexander

Heidi Armstrong

Amy Bowers

Jean Griess

Jennifer Hammer

Phyllis Hix

Gail McCorkindale

Karen Marra

Lindsay McLaughlin

Babs Middleton

Shannon Peterson

Joann Proett

Ronda Ras

Joyce Reeg

Nina Spangler

Jill Sweetland

Marcile Uken

Melissa Urbanec

Joyce Voyles



Joan Lage     

Anita Fuelberth

Jan Liska


Cindy Abraham

Connie Bargstadt

Misty Beair

Bev Beeson

Shari Dunklau

Audrey Harder

Tiffanny Heese

Marie Johnson

Verianne McClain

Gina McDonald

Karen McElwain

Carol Mosley

Jane O’Leary

Jackie Owens

Shelly Owens

Sharyn Paige

Jodi Pulfer

Pat Straight

Claudia Racely



If you would like to receive this newsletter by e-mail (save a stamp, save a tree!), go to www.fpcwayne.org; on the home page, in the right hand column, there is a widget that says, “NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTION: Enter your e-mail address to receive Presbytidings, our church’s newsletter, by e-mail.” Enter your address in the white box, and click on the button that says, “Sign me up!” You will need to confirm your subscription through an e-mail message that will be sent to your inbox; this is safe! It is designed to keep spammers out of the picture! Share our newsletter with all your friends and family. Simple!



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