Presbytidings – Summer 2021

Presbytidings – Summer 2021

The Newsletter of First Presbyterian Church

216 West Third Street, Wayne, Nebraska 68787

(402) 375-2669 +

Our chief end is to glorify and enjoy God forever.”


At their May 24th meeting the Session reviewed FPC’s COVID practices and determined FPC could move into Phase Three of our three phase plan formulated last spring. Considering recent announcements by the CDC and the Governor, FPC will move into a mask optional practice. This does not mean there is no need for caution rather that each individual or family can make their own determination regarding the wearing of masks based on their health and comfort level. We will continue to maintain social distancing during worship in the sanctuary and recording attendees. Hand sanitizer and masks will be available. Access to Zoom will continue for those who desire to worship in that manner. We will not be resuming coffee fellowship at this time; you are encouraged to visit outside following worship. The Session and Pastor Teresa thank everyone for their past co-operation and hope the transition to this new practice will move smoothly. 


Please note the following changes in the communion schedule

due to Pastor’s vacation and study leave.

  • Sunday, June 13th. Jean Griess and John Fuelberth will serve as Communion Elders.
  • Sunday, July 11th. Communion Elder needed.
  • Sunday, August 15th. Communion Elder, John Fuelberth.


 Facebook: @ First Presbyterian Church – Wayne, Nebraska


YouTube: @ fpc of wayne Nebraska

Check it out!


The next session meeting will be held on Monday, June 28TH, at 7:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall


Please stay tuned for announcements regarding PW and Sewing Souls meetings this summer.

What My Grandmothers Taught Me:

Learning from the Women in Matthew’s Genealogy of Jesus

The 2021–2022 PW/Horizons Bible study

 Why are Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary included in the genealogy in Matthew 1? What did their lives teach Jesus and, most importantly, how do their stories lead us into the Gospel, the Good News about Jesus Christ? The 2021-22 PW/Horizons Bible Study, written by Merryl Blair, with suggestions for Leaders by Magdalena I. Garcia and art by Cody F. Miller—invites us into the stories about the women in Jesus’ family tree. In addition to availability in hard copy, the companion DVD (available in late July!) and the Spanish Bible study will also be available for purchase as downloads! Order the study (item HZN21100) and supplementary materials by going to www.presbyterian or calling 800/533-4371. Plans for Bible study introductory webinars are starting to take shape. Email to be sure you are on PW’s email list!


Presbyterian Women’s Church-wide Gathering

Presbyterian Women’s in-person 2021 Church-wide Gathering, which was to be held in St. Louis, has been cancelled. However, Presbyterian Women are committed and connected, so will you join us online for a Gathering event and to watch PW’s Business Meeting?

Following the conclusion of the Business Meeting on August 5,  Presbyterian Women will hold an Online Church-wide Gathering Event—two hours of worship and plenary that you can stream from your home, office or church! Inspiring speakers and preachers—including Rev. Dr. Diane Moffett, president and executive director of the Presbyterian Mission Agency of the PC(USA)will lead a time of rejoicing and renewal. Mark your calendars! See for updates.


2021 FPC High School Graduate:

Maria Ras           Bancroft-Rosalie High School     Morningside University, Elem. Ed.

Maria received the FPC Eleanor Edwards Scholarship from the congregation

and a handmade fleece blanket from the FPC Presbyterian Women.)

2021 FPC College/University Graduates

Layne Heese                  SECC             Business Administration   2021

Aaron Ras                      WSC               Psychology                           May, 2021

(minors: sociology/exercise science)

2021 FPC Students Recognized for Scholastic Achievement

FPC had three students who were recognized for their scholastic achievement based on being in the top 10 students in their class based on GPA.

  • Taytum Sweetland – Junior
  • Braydn McCorkindale – Sophomore
  • Nina Hammer – Freshman
  • Also, friend of the congregation and Presbyterian Pealer – Christopher Woerdemann, Senior.

Henry McCalla – High School Graduate

Congratulations to Henry McCalla who has graduated from Atlantic High School in Iowa. Please contact the office for his address if you would like to send him a card.

Congratulations to each of our FPC students on your scholastic achievements.

Please keep all the young people in our congregation and community in your prayers.


The food pantry has served 75 requests so far this year. The Backpack Program has served approximately 5,400 food bags in the 2020/21 academic year. We had an increase in the numbers of participants of nearly 50 extra bags per week. We are now serving St. Mary’s and Tower Schools as well. The program will continue this summer. We would be happy to receive donations such as individually wrapped packages of nutritious food & snacks or financial donations. Contact Jodi Pulfer or Jenny Hammer at the church office: or (402)375-2669 for more details. Please consider a donation to the Wayne Food Pantry and Backpack Program ministry.


The Christian Cross Festival may be a one day event on June 12th, 2021 from 2:00-11:00pm. This year they are hosting The Afters, Rhett Walker Band, Hannah Kerr, KJ-52, Tom Golly, Remedy Drive and speaker Ron Brown. Check it out on Facebook at Christian Cross Festival or online at 


We need one or two people to mow each week. If you can share in this effort, please sign up via the google link, call the church office or sign up at the Opportunity Table in Fellowship Hall. The current list is below:

FPC Lawn Mowing

 Week of June 7, 2021Shari Dunklau
Week of June 14, 2021
Week of June 21, 2021
Week of June 28, 2021
Week of July 5, 2021
Week of July 12, 2021
Week of July 19, 2021
Week of July 26, 2021
Week of August 2, 2021

So God Made a Father[*]

By May Patterson

This poem was inspired by Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer.”

So God Made a Father

At the dawn of time, God looked down on all He had made and said, “Now, I need a caretaker.”

So, God made a father.

God said, “I need someone to teach children to fish, and to ride a bike without training wheels, and to play catch in the backyard. It must be someone who’s tough enough to run a chainsaw and wield a machete and yet, gentle enough to join his little girl and her dolls for tea.”

So, God made a father.

“I need someone to bring the car around when it’s raining, so everyone else can stay dry. Someone who will keep jumper cables in his truck, just in case he needs to help a stranger. I need someone to notice practical things, like how the tread on the tires is wearing and if the weather stripping around the front door needs replacing, for no one else will.”

“I’ll create someone who’s strong enough to open a tightly sealed jelly jar and tall enough to place the angel on top of the Christmas tree. Someone who will be gracious enough to let his son fish the best fishing hole or to let his daughter win at least one hand of gin rummy.”

“Yes, he will struggle to find his glasses and keys,”God thought. “But I’ll help him findtimefor the important things, like tumbling with the kids in the den floor, or saying ‘I’m proud of you, son,’ or giving Mama a hug.”

So, God made a father.

God said, “I need someone brave enough to carve the Thanksgiving turkey, for no one else seems to want the job. Someone who’s not afraid to go into Grandma’s dark cellar, or to check on what goes bump in the night, or to remove the dead mouse from the mousetrap.” 

“I need someone wise enough to know when to let his child fail. Someone who will pick her up, dry her tears and say, ‘Honey, I know you can do it! Give it another try.’” 

“I need someone who listens more than he talks. Who will stand by his family through laughter and tears, tornadoes and snowstorms, good times and bad. Someone who will love his kids and love their mother even more.”

So, God made a father.

God said, “I need someone to provide for the family. Someone who will get up early and stay up late and never complain. I need someone who’s willing to make unpopular decisions and stand by them. Someone to provide authority and discipline, as well as love.”

“I need someone with broad shoulders, broad enough to carry a little child around town and broad enough to pull more than his fair share.Yes, I need someone who will work the second-shift, or take second-best, or play second fiddle, so that his family can have it better than he did.” 

“I need someone who is willing . . . willing to man up and provide the love, support and strength his family will so desperately need.”

So, God made a father.

“Sometimes, he will not feel worthy of the love his family gives him. There will be times when he fails to live up to my ideal standard. But when his family needs him, he will show up, or give up, or do whatever needs to be done.”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I need,” thought God as He shook His head. “A father to love my children, and if necessary, to lay down his life for them. Someone . . . well, someone like Me.”

So, God made a father.

June 2021 – First Presbyterian Church

Each Sunday Morning: 10:00 Worship   1 Pastor out2 Pastor out3 Pastor out “Word in Faith”4 Pastor out5 Pastor out
6 Pastor out – Jane O’Leary, guest speaker  7 Pastor out8  9 10:30am WACAM10  11 10:30am Organ Tuning12
13 Communion1415 Secretary out16 Secretary out17 Secretary out18 Secretary out19 Secretary out
20 * Father’s Day    21  22  23    24  25  26  
27 1:30pm Wayne CountryView Chapel  28 7:00pm Session Meeting  29  30 3:30pm Brookdale Chapel   

June Birthdays

             2         Jean G., Jill S.

             6         Connie B.

             8         Brian B., Carol M.

            10        Karen G.

            18        Wes B.

            19        Dennis S.

            26        Pastor Teresa

July 2020 – First Presbyterian Church

Each Sunday Morning: 10:00 Worship     123
4  567  8  9  10  
11 Communion  12  13  14  15  16  17  
18  19  20  21  22  23  24  
25  26 Pastor out  27 Pastor out  28 Pastor out  29 Pastor out  30 Pastor out  31 Pastor out  

July Birthdays

                    10      Shea S.

                    21      Josephine P.

          24      Mark H., Zach U.

          29      Marta P.


 Facebook: @ First Presbyterian Church – Wayne, Nebraska


YouTube: @ fpc of wayne Nebraska

Check it out!

First Presbyterian Church

216 W. Third Street

Wayne NE  68787

FPC Office & Wayne Food Pantry:


Tuesday – Friday, 9am – 12 noon



Wayne Food Pantry:

Wayne Coat Closet:


First Presbyterian Church – Wayne, Nebraska

Wayne Food Pantry – Wayne, Nebraska

Wayne Coat Closet – First Presbyterian Church

Pastor Teresa Bartlett

402-375-2669 (office)

319-795-2911 (cell)


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[*] So God Made a Father: A Moving Father’s Day Poem – Father’s Day (  Accessed 5/27/2021.

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