Presbytidings – September, 2022

Presbytidings–September 2022

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Our chief end is to glorify and enjoy God forever.”

From the Pastor…..

Why Faith Matters?

A 2021 poll conducted by Real Faith found that a near majority of Americans (45%) think that most Christians are hypocrites. A 2017 Gallup poll indicated that 55% of us believe that religion can answer all of today’s problems. How can this tension exist?[*]  

What difference can Christian faith make in a person’s life? Why should we believe in God, and participate in worship, prayer and other activities of faith and religious traditions? Why should a person of faith be involved with a religious community? Can religion have a positive impact on society? These are challenging questions and are frequently asked these days however, questions about God, a relationship with God, and faith are not new they’ve been asked for centuries.

Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician, physicist, inventor, philosopher, writer, and Catholic theologian in the 17th century. Pascal wrote frequently about religion and faith. One of his most familiar quotes is “There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of each man which cannot be satisfied by any created thing but only by God the Creator, made know through Jesus Christ.” Too often we humans try to fill our vacuum with material goods, money, power, status, which provides only temporary satisfaction. We then come to the realization we must consider something, someone else, to ground our lives. Faith in the Triune God can give us that grounding and help us find meaning and purpose.

The teachings of Christianity help one develop a moral compass, discern right from wrong, helps us define our gifts and our purpose. Our faith should not teach us to be judgmental or cause us to feel bitter towards others, rather our faith should be a source of comfort and strength, peace and joy. Christians follow Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and seek to live as his disciples, using his life and actions as a roadmap for our own, it’s not an easy road as described by Carol Wimmer in her poem entitled “When I Say I Am A Christian.” 

When I Say I Am A Christian[†]

When I say, “I am a Christian,” I’m not shouting, “I’ve been saved!”
I’m whispering, “I get lost sometimes! That’s why I chose this way”
When I say, “I am a Christian,” I don’t speak with human pride
I’m confessing that I stumble — needing God to be my guide
When I say, “I am a Christian,” I’m not trying to be strong
I’m professing that I’m weak and pray for strength to carry on
When I say, “I am a Christian,” I’m not bragging of success
I’m admitting that I’ve failed and cannot ever pay the debt
When I say, “I am a Christian,” I don’t think I know it all
I submit to my confusion asking humbly to be taught
When I say, “I am a Christian,” I’m not claiming to be perfect
My flaws are far too visible but God believes I’m worth it
When I say, “I am a Christian,” I still feel the sting of pain
I have my share of heartache which is why I seek God’s name
When I say, “I am a Christian,” I do not wish to judge
I have no authority — I only know I’m loved.

Wimmer’s words are reminders that when we say we are a Christian we’re not saying we have all the answers, nor that we never have doubts or challenges, or that we’re perfect and never make a mistake, rather we’re saying the value of a relationship with Christ grounds us and gives us hope, it is a relationship which can stretch from now through eternity.

As disciples we’re always seeking to be a better person, more Christ like. Wimmer notes we must constantly be attentive to the challenges of discipleship, remembering with humility that each of us have sinned and fallen short of what God has called us to be. In the Presbyterian tradition each week we offer a corporate and personal prayer of confession. Our Triune God is gracious and merciful when we confess our flaws and failings, our faith assures us that we are forgiven and freed of the sin that burdens our hearts and minds. In his letter to the Corinthian church the Apostle Paul wrote these words; “…anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” (2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT). We are assured that in God’s eyes each of us are worthy, known by name, and beloved no matter our past. The assurance of God’s forgiveness and the opportunity to begin again brings each Christian a sense of peace and comfort.

In addition to our relationship with the Triune God we should be in relationship with a faith community. Christian teachings such as the Ten Commandments guide us in learning how-to live-in community, in our families and beyond. Yes, you can be a Christian without being part of a faith community however as Billy Graham once said churchgoers are like coals in a fire. “When they cling together, they keep the flame aglow; when they separate, they die out.”  Being separated from the faith community you are likely to lose your fire. 

            Will faith answer all our questions, solve all the problems in the world? Perhaps not, however as Christians we are called to put our faith into action to make our lives and the world a better place but we don’t have to do this alone. Throughout the scriptures we are reminded that God is faithful and will not abandon us, God will be with us in sunshine and shadows.

Faith is important not only for the hope and assurance of salvation we have personally but also as we try to fulfill Jesus’ commandment to “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  We can impact the wider community, our “neighbors,” when we aid the poor, seek justice for the oppressed. Micah 6:8b NIV reminds us of what the Lord requires of each of us “….To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” When we live out our faith as disciples of Jesus, we are seeking to set an example for all we meet of what Jesus means to us, our example is frequently  imperfect, but hopefully faithful.  

Grace and peace,

Pastor Teresa


SEPTEMBER 11th, 2022

Join us as we begin the new church year on September 11, 2022. 

  • We’ll gather for worship with a hymn sing and Communion.
  • Following the service we will have ice cream and toppings during our traditional SUNDAE SUNDAY fellowship!
  • Finally, everyone is invited to FPC Game Day at 2:30pm!  All sorts of games will be included for young and old alike, both inside and out. We will order pizza at 4:00pm. Coffee, water and juice will be provided, BYO pop or soda. Your friends, puzzles and games (and lawn chairs – weather permitting) are welcome!


  • Sunday, September 11, 2022. Communion elder: Kent Pulfer.
  • Sunday, October 2,, 2022. Communion elder: Shari Dunklau.


  • RADIO DEVOTIONS: Pastor Teresa will be giving devotions on 104.9 Big Red Country KTCH the week of September 5th – 9th at 5:40am.


  • The Deacons will meet Wednesday, September 7th at 4:30pm in Fellowship Hall.


  • Monday, September 26th, at 7:00 pm in Fellowship Hall.


The Building and Grounds Team has been busy around the property this summer. A new insulated, double paned glass door was added to the west side of the building, and the electronic digital sign has been repaired and is fully functioning again.  John and Kent installed a new sign outside the office door to help identify the FPC building and help patrons of the Coat Closet and Food Pantry. These are each great additions to our property.   


Thank-you to the Galles Family who took care of the mowing of the church lawn over the course of the last several months. Thank you also to those who planted flowers and trimmed bushes, plants and trees. Your gifts of time have made sure the church grounds were looking nice for Sunday as well as for other church and community events. Thank-you to each one who gave of their time.


Jim Curtiss, Joan Lage, Pat Straight and Joann Proett have all moved over the summer months. Their new addresses are available on the back table and in Fellowship Hall (or contact the office).

So What Is “Pilgrimage” All About?

              Have you heard people talking about “pilgrimage” and wondered what it’s about? You’ve probably heard it is a 3-day renewal or retreat. Maybe you’ve heard it started back in 1948 in Spain and was part of the Roman Catholic Cursillo movement and is now, similar to Walk to Emmaus, Tres Dias and Kairos Prison Ministry. You might have also heard it’s held at Camp Calvin Crest in Fremont, Nebraska. Not too far away that you have to worry about “traveling” but far enough away that you can disconnect from the day to day secular world.

              What you probably didn’t hear is you can “Come as You Are”! That’s right, just be yourself and be accepted and loved. You see, God meets you where you are and throughout the weekend surrounds you with His love.  You’ll experience grace, music and laughter all while walking the path God has chosen for you.

              As good as that all sounds, that’s not even the best part! The weekend has been a wonderful experience for many people and has acted as a stepping stone to help them return to their own environments spiritually nourished and inspired to love one another while continuing to serve the Lord, however that looks for you. Won’t you come join us …….

Weekend #28 is October 13-16, 2022

and Weekend #29 is March 15-19, 2023

Website is

If interested contact Cyndee Widman:

or Gail McCorkindale:

SEPTEMBER 2022– First Presbyterian Church

Each Sunday Morning: Worship 10:00 in-person or via Zoom Fellowship 11:00     12  3
4  5 *5:40am KTCH 104.9 Moment for Living6 *5:40am KTCH 104.9 Moment for Living7 *5:40am KTCH 104.9 Moment for Living   4:30pm Deacons Meeting    8 *5:40am KTCH 104.9 Moment for Living   6:30pm WSC CRU Event  9 *5:40am KTCH 104.9 Moment for Living10  
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                                    6          Anita F.

                                    8          Sharyn P.

            24        Misty B.

            30        Madison B.

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[*] Sermons Illustrations for Proper 13 | OT 18 (2022) – Illustration – Hosea 11:1-11, Colossians 3:1-11, Luke 12:13-21 | Sermon Suite.  Accessed 8/19/2022.

[†] “When I say I am a Christian” Poem ( Carol Wimmer, 1988.  Accessed 9/19/2022.

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