Presbytidings – April 2023

Presbytidings – April 2023

The Newsletter of First Presbyterian Church

216 West Third Street, Wayne, Nebraska 68787

(402) 375-2669 +

Our chief end is to glorify and enjoy God forever.”


  • Palm Sunday with the Presbyterian Pealers, April 2nd at 10:00am
  • Easter Sunday Celebration: April 9th at 10:00am (No brunch)


Easter lilies are welcome to decorate the sanctuary for Easter. If you would like to donate a lily (lilies) for the Easter service please bring the flowers to church by Friday, April 7th before 1:00 p.m. If you would like an acknowledgement in the bulletin on Easter Sunday please contact Jenny by Wednesday, April 5th.  Please remove your lilies from the sanctuary after the service on Easter Sunday. Thank you.


All are invited to join Our Savior Lutheran Church in Wayne Thursday, April 6th at 7:00 p.m. for a dramatization of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper. The presentation is put on by Our Savior Lutheran Church members and friends of the congregation.  This will be a meaningful addition to your Holy Week.  Communion will be celebrated. 


The Sunday after Easter, April 16th, we will have our CoffeeHouse Worship at 10:00am. Our FPC Deacons will host CoffeeHouse. 


The One Great Hour of Sharing is the church saying, “We’ll be there when you need us.” Since 1949, Presbyterians have joined with millions of other Christians through One Great Hour of Sharing to share God’s love with people experiencing need. Your gifts support ministries of disaster response, refugee assistance and resettlement, food for the hungry, and community development that helps people find safe refuge, start new lives, and work together to strengthen their families and communities. The One Great Hour of Sharing offering will be received on Palm Sunday (April 2) & Easter Sunday (April 9).

Prayer for One Great Hour of Sharing

God of mercy, help us look past the walls

and doors of this church.

Help us to open our doors

to walk alongside the vulnerable

to whom we have been called.

As we share through this Offering,

may all your children feel

the love of Christ and share in

the justice, compassion, and joy

you offer. Keep us unsatisfied with being

THIS church on THIS corner,

so we shall be known as

CHRIST’s church to the whole world. 


From the Pastor

This year our Lenten study was “The Way, Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus.”  The video series took us to various places in the Holy Land, the Jordan River, Capernaum, and Jesus’ home during his ministry. We learned how mountains were important in the life of the Israelites as a place to meet God and played a role in Jesus’ prayer life as well as his teaching. We learned about fishing on the Sea of Galilee and the life of fisherman in the first century. On the final evening we visited Samaria where Jesus ministered to those on the margins of society.

Sunday, April 2nd is Palm Sunday when we will remember Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem, the final stop on his earthly journey. Scripture tells us that the sound of voices singing Hosanna and waving of palm branches would soon turn to shouts of crucify him. 

Rev. Adam Hamilton was the author and narrator of the video series and study guide of “The Way, Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus.” Hamilton writes that as Christians we are defined by words that indicate that we walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Words describe who you are and what you do, such as son, daughter, sibling, parent, teacher etc., as well as characteristics you possess. Do the words which describe you include loving, peaceful, patient, joyful, faithful, good, gentle and disciplined? Does your list also include Christian or disciple?

Words are only one way we are defined; another part of your identity is the story of who you are. Every family as well as individual has stories of their lives, including growing up, school years, special events and many more stories. Stories of good and bad things which happen in this messed-up and chaotic world. 

The story that defines us as Christians is the Resurrection, it is the most important story of all. The Resurrection means that the crucifixion was not the end of the story, rather it was the beginning. Because of the resurrection we know that even during sorrow Jesus is with us and will guide us through our challenges. We can have confidence that sorrow and suffering are not the end of the story. When Jesus died and rose from the dead, he changed our stories forever.

Rev. Hamilton wrote, “The cross leads me to gratitude and awe. It leads me to a love of Christ and a deep desire to follow and live for him. I want to walk in his footsteps. I want to live as a citizen of his kingdom. I want to love as he loved. I want to practice his way.” Thanks to Jesus we have a story to tell, of how Jesus went to the cross for each of us-our sins were nailed to the cross with him. The story of Easter is that Christ overcame death for all of us. Christ offers love and forgiveness, compassion to those around him and to all who continue to follow in his footsteps.

Happy Easter,

Pastor Teresa


  • Kinship Pointe Chapel: Pastor will lead chapel at Kinship Pointe on Wednesday, April 5th at 3:30pm.
  • Wayne Country View Chapel: Pastor will lead chapel at Wayne Country View on Sunday, April 16th at 1:30pm.


We will celebrate the Lord’s Supper on Sunday, April 2nd at 10:00am. (Communion elders, John Fuelberth & Mark Hammer.)


The Session will meet Monday, April 24th, at 7:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.


Our local Runza Restaurant is hosting a special fund-raiser for the Wayne Food Pantry & Backpack Program on Tuesday, April 25th. Jodi Pulfer will be representing the Wayne Food Pantry for an interview with KTCH announcer Aaron Scheffler during the 11:00am hour. Please support us by making plans to pick up Runza for lunch or dinner that day!


  • Join us on Sunday, May 7th as we recognize our FPC senior graduate Braydn McCorkindale, who will be graduating from Wayne High School. Braydn plans to attend UNL and pursue a degree in Actuarial Science. Following the service, there will be a time of fellowship. All are welcome!
  • Congratulations also to Solomon Peitz graduating from Doane University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. We wish him every success!
  • Sydney Story will graduate from Creighton University School of Law and will be move with her family back to Wayne, Nebraska. Welcome home, Sydney!


The Session is seeking to gain information from the congregation about the effectiveness of the sound system and if changes might assist those who have hearing difficulties in the sanctuary. The initial survey was distributed with the March 26th bulletin and several responses were received, thanks to all who participated at that time.  However, the Session felt that the sample was too small to be a good representation of the congregation.  Thus we will do an email survey, please watch for survey toward the middle of April, those who already completed the survey don’t need to complete another one. Even if you don’t currently have any issues with hearing in the sanctuary, a response is appreciated to broaden the sample and help the Session with the assessment. Thank-you for your participation.


The Homestead Presbyterian Women will have their spring gathering “God’s Promises” at Calvin Crest on May 5th & 6th with or without over-night options. Friday night begins at 5:00 p.m. with dinner and informal conversations. On Saturday, we will begin at 8:30am with breakfast treats & coffee, followed by a program of communion, and speakers: Louise Van Poll – Synod PW Moderator and her experience as a GA Commissioner; Nancy Sloan – Homestead PW Secretary speaking on “Jesus, God’s Promises Fulfilled); Rev. Jane Holtzclaw – Homestead PW Coordinator of Literature & Resources with an overview of next Horizon’s Bible Study.  All those interested may speak with Pastor Teresa concerning the details..  


Summer is coming! We promise! And what better way to spend your summer than going to camp learning about Jesus with friends? Calvin Crest is officially open for summer camp registration: Pick out your week of camp and register your kid(s) or grandkid(s). Our young people may apply for a scholarship to pay ½ of the cost of registration.  Additional scholarships, based on financial need may be available. Please ask Jenny or Pastor Teresa for an application.


Grief and loss are complicated journeys, they can take many forms, and leave us changed. Please consider joining a welcoming and kind community of support. We will meet Wednesdays in June and on Wednesday, July 5th from 6:00-8:00pm at the PMC Hospice Office, 803 Providence Road, Suite 103. Call Kathy to register at 402-375-7659.


Want to go to camp as a family this summer?  Plan to Join Presbyterians from all over the Midwest at Buena Vista College, in Storm Lake, IA July 23-28, 2023.  Plan on a week of inspiring worship, educational speakers, arts and crafts, and lots of new friends for the entire family.  There is programming available for every age and every interest.  Want more information?  Go to


Funeral services were held on March 27th at FPC. Thank you to all who assisted in setting up, serving and resetting Fellowship Hall. Joann’s family were very appreciative. Cards and memorials may be sent to:

Susan Bowers

110 S. 15th Street

Norfolk NE  68702


Gordon Granberg

Death is:



the end.

An adversary, opponent or

a companion, a friend



the end.

Death stalks us all – – –

the bold, the mighty

the insignificant, the small

every one is captive,

caught in Death’s thrall.





Our days are all spent, our lives are consumed.

Death creeps onward

in silence and stealth,

Its victims surrender all achievements, honor.

and wealth.

Life is over


all done

as Death claims each of us, every last one.

But God put a stop to

apprehension and dread,

When with great power,

God raised Christ Jesus

From the realm of dead.

Jesus met death, a violent end.

Then emerged from the grave, a brother and a friend.

A caterpillar in a cocoon is swaddled, wrapped – – –

We, too, are confined, surrounded, trapped.

We trust Christ, and the moment we die

We burst out – – – pulsing with life – – –

like a butterfly.

We unfurl our wings and climb in the sky.

Rather than flit, flutter, and float . . .

Now we go anywhere, however remote.

We swoop, swirl, and soar!!

This new freedom offers much more . . .

We don’t fear the trudging menace of Death – – –

Rather we celebrate the One who has created us,

freed us and has given us breath!!

Out of the gloom

Out of the tomb

Christ has conquered; Death is done.

Vic’try is ours through God’s only Son!

Our last enemy can no longer anger, bother, and annoy – – –

So let’s sing with unshakeable hope and unbridled joy.

Out of the tomb

Out of the gloom

God’s boundless love has plenty of room.

Butterfly freedom is irreversible, unassailable, available

(Offered us all!)

Accept this great gift, please respond to God’s call.


First Presbyterian has received the gift of an electric keyboard from Jay and Jane O’Leary in memory of their sons, Jed and JD. Thank you, Jane and Jay O’Leary, for your generosity. The Session determined with the gift of the keyboard we will no longer need the Acrosonic brand piano currently in Fellowship Hall. The piano is in good useable condition; however, it will likely need tuning after moving. The Session will give the piano to any member of the congregation at no charge.  The recipient must remove the piano from the property.  Please speak to Pastor Teresa if you are interested in the piano. If no one in the congregation claims the piano we will advertise it more widely to find it a new home.


(Would you like to see your birthday listed here? 

Just contact the church office 402-375-2669 or

April 4 – Bev B.

April 6 – Shari D.

April 26 – Phil G.

April 27 – Verianne Mc

April 2023 – First Presbyterian Church

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